There were many versions of Adrorium. Here are all released versions, as versions before were never released on


This was the first release of Adrorium that was released to the public.

A bug was fixed for rotating blocks, sprites for the Backpack, Belt, and Cargo box were updated. All sprites were redone to fit in inventory slot. Players now had the option to scroll through the belt and see the key binding info.


Adrorium was no longer silent with sound. New sound effects included walking, jumping, pressing buttons opening and closing boxes, and more. The next day Beholdernx added support for Mac and Linux systems.


There was new voiceovers for the tutorial. Players could now use food and water. They could also utilize the small-scale MFM drive. Several other additions included the first mission, the alarm system, and scrollable at the start of the game. The game was updated to Unity 2017.1.0.f3 and several sprite changes were made.


4 new ship designs and a space station were added. The escape pod and EVA suit were now functional. There now 6 gametypes, 3 missions, new animations, more sound effects for building and magboots, new blocks, new toilet/sleeping needs, new autodoor mechanics, new chat commands, new sprites, remove the voiceovers, and slowed down Drones.


New models, sprites, and bug fixes were added. Multiplayer mode is now online but limited.


New visual effects, GUI tweaks, and mechanics were added. Game was updated to Unity 2017.1.1f1.


Drone AI was updated, new blocks, ship weapons, graphics, mechanics, were added. Some bugs were also fixed.


New vfx, mechanics, and animations were added, while graphics were updated.


New mechanics and graphics were updated. Many bugs were fixed.


New models, mechanics, and reworked items are added.


Game was updated to Unity 2018.1b, and many changes were made including new recipes.


More changes were made, including a lot of bug fixes.


Multiplayer was fixed, and ghost building was added along with a lot of other additions.


New building systems were added, and more bugs were fixed.


The current version of Adrorium, script was now moddable, new ship parts were added, and Drones will not spawn when in jump.


Many aesthetic changes were made as well as bug fixes.


Coming soon.


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